DIY – Chalkboard Wine Glass

Chalkboard Wine Glass DIY Project

A Chalkboard Wine Glass sounds like the perfect solution to keeping tabs on your wine glass at a party. Inspired by an idea on Pinterest, I just had to try this Do-It-Yourself project.  I have seen two tutorials, one with chalkboard paint and one with chalkboard spray paint. Since I already had chalkboard paint in the house I decided to try that method.


  • Wine glasses (picked mine up from the dollar store)
  • Chalkboard paint or spray paint
  • Masking tape or painters tape
  • Newspaper
  • Parchment Paper (optional)

Step 1: Spread Newspaper or Cardboard for your prep area. (To limit the mess/clean-up).
Step 2: Tape around the stem of the wine glass (near the bottom) where you want the chalkboard paint to end).
Step 3: Pour the chalkboard paint in a shallow container or tray.
Step 4: Gently dip the base of the wine glass in the chalkboard paint.
Step 5: Turn the glass (to let the excess paint drip off). This step took a couple of tries to master.
Step 6: Let the glasses dry for 15-20 minutes.

This final step took a couple of different techniques to master. In my first attempt I tilted the glasses (45 degree) and let them stand on the container. This didn’t work well as there were drip marks on my final products. Next I tried parchment paper, and placed the wine glasses upright.  This seemed to work well.

End result a perfectly coated chalkboard wine glass. This could be a great hostess gift (in a pair).

If looking for a tutorial using the chalkboard spray paint, we invite you to check out Always Order Dessert.

Happy Crafting!