APPLICATION: Craftadian Christmas Market – HAMILTON

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Craftadian Christmas Market is Saturday December 7, 2019 from 10AM – 4PM at McMaster Innovation Park, Hamilton Ontario.

Application Deadline: September 7, 2019
Handmade Juried Market: Applicant must be designer, creator, artist. Applicant must reside in CANADA & products must be MADE IN CANADA


  • Rate/Deadline

    6′ table or 6' wide space (Conference Room) $130.00
    6' table or 6' wide space (Atrium Premium Area) $145.00
    One Chair is included. Table Clothes are not provided.
    If you’d rather have a rack, grid wall or shelf (max 6' wide) in lieu of your table it is acceptable, but you cannot have both.

    APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 7, 2019

    Open to ALL Canadian artists, artisans or designers.
    * Past Floor Plan
  • Contact Information

  • Please list the website or URL link you would like displayed online on our Meet the Makers Page.
  • Social Media and Maker Promotion

    Craftadian has an extensive advertising, promotion and public relations campaign to promote the shows. We also have campaigns where gifting products to bloggers, media may be optional. Each exhibitor will be mentioned on our social media channels

    We do expect our makers to help promote the show to family, friends, fans and community, and regular sharing on social media. This builds a stronger community and stronger attendance.

    Swag Bags: Customers line up 1-2 hours before the show opens to get a coveted swag bag. We are requesting the ALL exhibitors donate at least 10 (up to 50) swag inserts, something small (sample size) that represents your business (no paper unless you are a paper vendor ie card or tag).
  • eg. or @craftadian
  • eg.
    Please check all that apply.
    Craftadian (formerly Made by Hand Shows)
  • If another vendor referred you please leave their name or business name.
  • Jury Requirements

    Exhibitor spaces are restricted to 'handmade' exhibitors. Products MUST be Made in Canada by the applicant. As this is a juried show, please submit 3-5 photos of your products (including one of your booth) with your application for consideration. Applicants will be selected based on category, photos, product and quality. Limited vendors in similar categories.
    Application Criteria:
    Handmade Exhibitors Only.
    ALL products must be handmade or have a component of handmade
    ALL products must be Made in Canada by the applicant.
  • Please pick one category that MOST represents your products. If unsure please select other.
  • Please include your product line and prices.
  • Please only list juried shows
  • A chance to tell us how your products are different or share your unique story, were you featured in a publication, won awards - tell us what makes you different.
  • Photos

    Quality images are one of the most important piece of your application. The jury is looking for 3-5 quality, well lite photos of your work and one photo of your overall set-up.

    The jury strongly suggest single product photos (no colleges please) with a white or wood background.

  • This is your best photo, used for social media, display on website - Jury first impression. Max photo size 15MB

    If you are a returning vendor please submit a NEW photo.
  • If you do not have a photo of your booth/table, please submit a sketch or a mock photo of your display.
  • Drop files here or
    Upload up to 3 additional (different) product photos highlighting your products.
    Single Product (no colleges), white or wood background recommended. Max photo size 15MBMax size 15MB
  • Having trouble adding photos, please use this space to add additional photo URL links.
  • Booth Options

    Note: One 6’ table (or 6' wide space) and one chair included (no drapes or separations). Table Cloths (not included).

    Your Fees include:
    - Opportunity to showcase and sell your work
    - Cleaning of your booth area
    - Table, Chair (as noted above)
    - 2 complimentary passes to the show ($10 value)
    - Meet the Makers Page: Photo, Name and URL
    - Social Media Exhibitor Highlights
    - Business Name (text) in Event Program
    - Possibilities of PR Opportunities (Exhibitor Products have been featured on CHCH Morning Live, Hamilton Spectator, Cable 14, Local Blogs ...)
    - Opportunity for Swag Bag Inserts (10-50 inserts)
    Regular 6' tables positioned in the Conference Room. Tables in the Atrium (closest to the front) have a premium added, and would guarantee placement in the Atrium.

    ** Due to limited spaces, your display MUST BE table-top only or you may have a 6' rack display but you cannot have both **
    If you choose a space in lieu of the table your display must fit in a 6' x 3' space.
    As per the City of Hamilton, Public Health Department - all food vendors must complete the Food at Special Events form. There is an administration fee of $32.74 + HST to each FOOD vendor.
    Learn more via City of Hamilton, Public Health - Food at Special Events Info

    Notes to comply with City of Hamilton, Public Health:
    * All food served at Special Events must be prepared in a licensed and approved Commercial Kitchen.
    * No home prepared or home canned food can used, sold or given away at Special Events

  • $ 0.00 CAD
    Total = SubTotal + 13% HST
  • Booth number preferences, location preferences, close to a friend, close to washroom, electrical access ect.
    * Past Floor Plan
  • Terms and Conditions

    Please review the full list of our rules and regulations via

    1. An exhibitor may cancel their application no later than the application deadline of September 7, 2019.
    If a cheque was provided the cheque will be voided and returned).
    2. After application deadline September 7, 2019 and upon acceptance of application the exhibitor fee and deposits are non-refundable **
    3. Should an exhibitor cancel after application deadlines (September 7, 2019) or fail to attend on event day, Show Management reserves the right to
    a) Retain all payments (upon acceptance of application the exhibitor fee is non-refundable) and/or
    b) Re-rent the exhibition space.

    1. Upon accepted, an invoice will be sent. Payments are due (October 5, 2019); If non-payment after October 5 2019 a $10 late fee will be added;
    2. One payment reminder will be sent (only one – we will not chase you);
    3. If non-payment by (October 12, 2019) and you have not contacted us; you will forfeit your spot into the show.
    4. Exhibitor fees are non-refundable upon acceptance.
    5. All fees are subject to HST (13% Harmonized Sales Tax).
    (See full Payment terms in General Terms and Conditions)