Exhibitor Manual (Hamilton)

Welcome to the CRAFTADIAN Exhibitor Manual which is intended to provide you with all the necessary information to help maxamize your participation in the Craftadian events. The enclosed information will provide you with all the information you would need to maxamize your participation at the CRAFTADIAN SPRING MARKET at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton.

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Online Exhibitor Manual

Show Management | Show Location | Dates & Times | Loading Information | Rules and Regulations | Promotional Materials for Exhibitors | Event Flyer (PDF) ; JPG version | Floor Plan & Booth Numbers | Booth Details | Swag Bags (free for exhibitors) | Promote the show (and your presence) | What to bring (checklist) | Maximize your presence at the show (Tips) | Food Truck Information Page | Exhibitor Special Offers | Information for FOOD VENDORS |

Show Management

Jacqueline Hunter
Show Director
Cell 905-330-2056

Show Location

McMaster Innovation Park, 175 Longwood Road South, Hamilton








Dates & Times

Craftadian Spring Market – Hamilton
Saturday April 7, 2018
10:00am-4:00pm (show hours)

Loading Information

Loading In Dates/Times:

Saturday April 7th; 8:15AM – 10AM (Note you MUST be set-up by 9:45AM)
*Load-in is Saturday morning only

Note new rules (as posted on our rules and regulations page):

  • Exhibitors MUST NOT dismantle their booth (or pack up the table top) prior to the conclusion of the show hours (ie. 4:00pm)
  • Exhibitors that dismantle of their booth or leave prior to the conclusion of the show WILL NOT be invited to future events; ** THIS WILL BE STRONLY ENFORCED**
  • Exhibitors that leave the show (meaning packed up and not in attendance) at the show close (4:00PM) may be billed a $25.00 fine and will not be invited to future events ** THIS IS A NEW RULE THAT WILL BE STRONLY ENFORCED**

Detailed Information/Map: 

There are two loading areas, on the north and east sides of the building.  On the north side there is a grey door (note stairs).  On the east side, use the loading dock and lift to the service elevator to the main level. For those in the courtyard, you may load via the loading dock, or park in lot 2 (across the street) and cross the street – parking isn’t allowed on Longwood Road S.

Loading Area


MIP Loading Map

Load-in Map/Info (PDF)

Parking is free; we recommend exhibitor park in the east lot, leaving the spots closest to the door for shoppers.

– Exhibitors will not be permitted to set up during show hours.
– Children under the age of 16 are not allowed on the show floor during move-in and move-out.
– NO loading through the glass front doors
– We recommend that you unload all your materials at your booth, then park your vehicle to an appropriate space and then begin setting up your booth

Floor Plan & Booth Numbers

Floor Plan *draft (subject to change)

Table Business Name
16 3 Teas
33 & 34 A Little Leafy
47 Andrzejewski Perogies
79 Bearly Making It
48 Bell Whistle Accessory Boutique
77 Bella Buddha Beads
65 Bellabagu Bracelets & Things
55 Boosh
80 Bowls by Bernie
59 Bridge Studio
56 Canadian Succulents
41 Cardtography
6 Couth And Nail
63 Cove
61 Craig Fairley Pottery
45 Darcy Thompson Artwork
37 Dees Cozy Creations
26 Diana Watters Handmade
23 Dream Willow Studio
52 Durand Coffee
28 Ecolove
32 Eleanor Rosa Felt
13 Ellingwood Soap Company
36 Endless Pawzabilities
44 Fox and Bear Essentials
24 Fuzzling Monsters
46 Gallery District Design
18 Handmade By Simply Grace
8 Happy Bees Apiary
4 Hissyfit inc
22 Homebody Collective
17 It’s OK. It’s  ART.
30 Jennifer Finn Photography
14 josiah co
58 Jump Off a Dock
76 Knitterme Designs
70 Leather Aspirations
75 Lime lily bunting
5 Little Loves Oasis
68 Lunah Life Inc
20 Macrame By JM
67 Mind your bees
7 Miss to Mrs Weddings
21 Monkey Butter
49 Moon + Co (formerly Attack! Collective)
71 Murphy’s Treats
62 Natures Image by Dave Gordon
73 Nefarious
72 Nerdbiskit
60 Nerpy’s Inc
12 One Piece At A Time Mosaic Design By Dawn
25 Picklesworth Baby
42 Ponchies For Kids
11 Quilling Art For You
69 Roses Without Thorns
78 Sarah’s Soaps
74 Serendipity
1 Small Batch Soaps
38 Smith and Tailor
39 Soup Girl
43 Stephanie Street Soap and Skincare
64 Sweet Potato Johnny
29 Swimming Fox Studio
3 The Creative Card
31 The Fragrance Lab
15 The Olive Company
10 The Spring Moon
19 The Strudel Lady
57 There She Sews
9 TTLG Creations
27 Vilks Ceramics
50 Vintage Acorn
66 Weslie and Nan
54 Wild Blue Yonder
2 Wooly
Outside Petal To The Metal
Outside Sprinkle
Outside Dirty South
Outside Johnny Rocco’s Pizza Wagon
Chairty Partner Food4Kids
Sponsor Pure Magic Vacations
Sponsor Coldwell Banker
Sponsor K-Lite FM 102.9
WORKSHOP – 10AM Wooly Doodles
WORKSHOP – 12PM Sunstone Jewels
WORKSHOP – 2PM Designed by Cassia

Booth Details

Atrium Tables (inside): space includes a 6′ table and chair. Tables are positioned closely together (about 1′ space between tables). Table top displays. Table 6′ long x 29″ wide.

As an alternate to the table you may opt for a 6′ wide space and bring your own rack/display provided it’s 6′ wide (but you cant have both). Please let show management if you choose this option

** Atrium Outer Booths (1-12 & 36-42 & 49-51)
please note as part of fire regulations, the area nearest to the wall must be free from all obstructions (there will be tape on the floor in the Atrium  to outline the 44 inches that we need unobstructed for the hallways and around some of the artwork
Example of locations:

Promotional Material for Exhibitors

PDF Flyer

Food Sampling

  • No home prepared, or home canned foods can be used, sold or given away at Special Events
  • All food served at Special events must be prepared in a licensed and approved commercial kitchen

** Must complete all pages of THIS FORM.  The $38.00 (2018 rate $33.63 + $4.37 = $38.00) City of Hamilton fee will be billed to ALL FOOD VENDORS at time of acceptance.

Exhibitors are required to THIS FORM to Craftadian by March 17, 2018.

The City of Hamilton, Public Health Department, Health Protection Branch, is responsible for ensuring proper food handling at Special Events in the Hamilton Area.

Public Health Services, Food Safety Program
110 King Street West, 2nd Floor (Robert Thomson Building)
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4S6
Phone:905-546-2424 x 2551
Fax: 905- 546-2787
Email: foodsafety@hamilton.ca


Swag Bags

*NEW* All vendors are required to include a minimum 10 (up to 50) tangible items for our swag bags. 50 swags bags will be distributed to the first 50 shoppers. Swag items are tangible items that represent your business. The items do not have to be the same. Swag inserts are promoted through our social media. Paper will not be accepted unless you are a paper vendor (bookmarks, greeting cards, gift tags are acceptable).

What to include in a swag bag?


Swag Bag – August 2017

Inspiration Ideas:
– BODY VENDORS: Mini soap samples, lip balms, mini samples of scrub
– JEWELLERY VENDORS: Earrings, Bracelets, Charms
– PAPER VENDORS: Greeting Cards, Gift Tags
– FOOD VENDORS: samples, tea sample, cookies
– PHOTOGRAPHY: Bookmarks, greeting cards
– WOOD: Mini coaster, small signs, wood book mark, wooden spoon, key chain
– ART: prints, buttons, enamel pins
– GLASS: Glass Bead, keychain
– BABY/CHILDREN: Fabric Squares, Soother Clips, Hair Clip, Headband
– POTTERY/CERAMIC: Ornaments, small coaster, key chain
– TEXTILE: fabric button, crochet mini, embroidery or pattern

If you are stuck on an idea, what about a gift certificate for your shop (min $5.00 value)

  • DROP OFF in person: 151 Fair Street Ancaster – (porch drop off acceptable)
  • BY MAIL: 1000 Golf Links Road, PO Box 90028, Ancaster ON L9K 3K0
    *Please arrange a date for drop off


Promote yourself at the Show

Promote the show:
Share the Facebook Event & Invite all your friends, and share on your wall:
RSVP Public Facebook Event

Social Media / Exhibitor Features

Use #Craftadian on all your social media posts. Follow us on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and FACEBOOK for daily exhibitor features as we approach the show.

What to share on Social Media:
– Event Flyer, Image
– Getting ready for the show (what are you working on, supplies you bought, finished products that will be available at the show)
– Pictures of your studio space (take shoppers behind the scenes)
– Pictures of your display
– Profile Pictures (meet the maker)


What to Bring (check list)

Vendors: What to Bring (check list)

Product/Packing Related:
• all merchandise clearly priced (best done, before the show)
• Any product information signs necessary (no handwritten signs)
• Boxes for purchases
• Customer bags
• Extra price tags
• Inventory list/prices
• Tissue or newspaper for fragile items

• Booth signs or banner
• Business cards and holder
• Brochures, Catalogues or flyers
• Portfolio (or photo album of your work)

Office Supply Kit:
• Clipboard, writing pad or notebook
• Paper clips
• Paper or index cards
• Pens and pencils
• Scissors, string
• Stapler and staples
• Tape – scotch, masking, duct, packing

Sales Related:
• Calculator
• Cash box with change (ie. $5’s, $2’s, $1’s, 25¢ ect.)
• Receipt book/sales book

• Copy of application (booth number, floor plan ect), record of chq number ect.
• Any notes about the show
• Guest book- to develop a mailing list
• Extension Cord (if you purchased electricity)
• Table Skirt or Table Cloth (clean and reaches the floor)
• Change of clothes (or layers a sweater if its cooler)
• Camera (to take a photo of your booth for future shows)
• Cushion for chair

• Lunch (optional)
• Water or drinks
• Snacks

Exhibitor Special Offers

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