Exhibitor Guide – Mississauga

Our Exhibitor Manual is intended to provide you with all the necessary information to help maximize your participation in the Craftadian events. The enclosed information will provide you with all the information you would need to maximize your participation at the CRAFTADIAN CHRISTMAS MARKET – MISSISSAUGA at FIRST UNITED CHURCH in Port Credit, Mississauga

Online Exhibitor Manual

Show Management | Show Location | Dates & Times | Loading Information | Rules and Regulations | Promotional Materials for Exhibitors | Event Flyer (PDF) ; JPG version | Floor Plan & Booth Numbers | Booth Details | Swag Bags (free for exhibitors) | Promote the show (and your presence) | What to bring (checklist) | Maximize your presence at the show (Tips) |  Food Vendors PLEASE READ | Health Canada PLEASE READ | Special Offers from Craftadian

Show Management

Jacqueline Hunter
Cell 905-330-2056

Show Location

First United Church
151 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga
(Located in Port Credit on Lakeshore Road just east of Mississauga Road)


Saturday November 9, 2019
10:00am-4:00pm (show hours)

Loading Information

Loading In Dates/Times:

Friday November 8; 7PM – 8PM ; Optional please contact us to pick this time

Saturday November 9, 2018: 8:15AM – 10AM (Note you MUST be set-up by 9:45AM)

Note new rules (as posted on our rules and regulations page):

  • Exhibitors MUST NOT dismantle their booth (or pack up the table top) prior to the conclusion of the show hours (ie. 4:00pm)
  • Exhibitors that dismantle of their booth (all or in part) or leave prior to the conclusion of the show WILL NOT be invited to future events; ** THIS WILL BE STRONLY ENFORCED**
  • Exhibitors that leave the show (meaning packed up and not in attendance) at the show close (4:00PM) may be billed a $25.00 fine and will not be invited to future events ** THIS IS A NEW RULE THAT WILL BE STRONLY ENFORCED**

Detailed Information: 

You may load out on Peter Street, adjacent to the church, and load in through the front doors (stairs) or use the accessible elevator (church office door). Drop off all your stuff at your table, then park your vehicle, then set-up your table.

Parking: on-street, we recommend that all vendors park on Mississauga Road, or at JC Saddington Park (located at the south limit of Peter Street. Leave Peter Street for shopper parking.

– Exhibitors will not be permitted to set up during show hours.
– Children under the age of 16 are not allowed on the show floor during move-in and move-out.
– NO loading through the glass front doors
– We recommend that you unload all your materials at your booth, then park your vehicle to an appropriate space and then begin setting up your booth

Floor Plan & Booth Numbers

Floor Plan *draft (subject to change)

Table Numbers:

1 Jelly Bros.
2 Ham and Cricket
3 La Luxe Lucerna
4 Organic Barrera
5 Kinsip House of Fine Spirits
6 Ocean Avenue
7 A Little Leafy
8 Truly Baked Granola
9 The White Agate
10 Tropix
11 Darryle Jadaa Designs
12 Ellingwood Soap Company
13 Pine Flora
14 Snow Rustic Wood Co.
15 Darcy Thompson Artwork
16 Vintage Acorn
17 Vilks Ceramics
18 Boosh
19 Teether Tots
21 BeCoProductions
22 Meringue Patisserie
23 Dream Willow Studio
24 Sweet Artisan Candies
25 ReVintageTO
26 Rough Bark Knits
27 Iremia Skincare
28 Driftwood Co. Design
29 Bell+Whistle
30 1 Spicy Mama
31 Mohsen Wood Craft MWC
33 Andrzejewski Perogies
34 Bellabagu bracelets & things
35 Madrock
36 Deepa Krishnan
37 Smithers Sausages
38 The Purple Watermelon
39 Soup Girl
40 Enarmoured
41 Three on the Treetop

Booth Details

Includes a 6′ table and 2 chairs.  Tables are positioned closely together (about 1′ space between tables).  Table top displays.  Table 6′ long x 29″ wide.

You may bring your own display (shelf, clothing rack ect) instead of the table – display must fit in lieu of the table 6′ wide x 3′ deep – 


Sample 6′ table display (Table Top)

Promotional Material for Exhibitors




Swag Bags

*NEW* All vendors are required to include a minimum 10 (up to 50) tangible items for our swag bags. 50 swags bags will be distributed to shoppers. Swag items are tangible items that represent your business. The items do not have to be the same. Swag inserts are promoted through our social media. Paper will not be accepted unless you are a paper vendor (bookmarks, greeting cards, gift tags are acceptable).

What to include in a swag bag?


Inspiration Ideas:
– BODY VENDORS: Mini soap samples, lip balms, mini samples of scrub
– JEWELLERY VENDORS: Earrings, Bracelets, Charms
– PAPER VENDORS: Greeting Cards, Gift Tags, Mini Prints
– PHOTOGRAPHY: Bookmarks, greeting cards
– WOOD: Mini coasters, small signs, wood book mark, wooden spoon, key chain
– ART: prints, buttons
– GLASS: Glass Bead, Coaster, Earrings
– BABY/CHILDREN: Fabric Squares, Soother Clips
– Pottery/Ceramic: Ornaments, small coaster, key chain

WHERE TO DROP OFF? Mississauga (call to make a meet spot)
or mail to: Craftadian, 2 Esker Run, Guelph ON N1E 7C8

** Drop offs can also be arranged in Mississauga (near Square One), Monday – Friday 7:00am – 3:00pm


Promote yourself at the Show

Promote the show:

  • Share the image on social media
  • Share the Facebook Event & Invite all your friends, and share on your wall:
    RSVP Public Facebook Event
  • Add the event to your Facebook page (Click Here, tap …, add to page)

Social Media / Exhibitor Features

Use #Craftadian on all your social media posts. Follow us on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and FACEBOOK for daily exhibitor features as we approach the show.

What to share on Social Media:
– Event Flyer, Image
– Getting ready for the show (what are you working on, supplies you bought, finished products that will be available at the show)
– Pictures of your studio space (take shoppers behind the scenes)
– Pictures of your display
– Profile Pictures (meet the maker)

Food Sampling

To ensure the food served at this event is prepared safely the Region of Peel, Public Health require that the following forms and guidelines be reviewed/completed by each participating food vendor.

A Public Health Inspector will review this information and may contact you to discuss safe food handling practices specific to the foods you are planning to serve. In the event of a food‐borne illness, it will help if you demonstrate responsible precautionary measures.

Please note the following key points:

  • All food must be obtained from an approved source.
  • All food must be prepared in an inspected and licensed food premises.
  • Home‐prepared foods are not allowed.
  • Unpasteurized food products and/or beverages are not permitted. They cannot be sold or given away as samples.

All persons involved in the preparation and selling of food to the public are strongly encouraged to attend Food Handler Training. Please call 905‐799‐7700 to register.

For more information, please reference the Region of Peel website (https://www.peelregion.ca/health/environNew/food/events.htm) or you may call 905-799-7700 to speak with a Region or Peel, Public Health Inspector.

Health Canada Regulations

Health Canada has shared with event organizers the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). We’re sure you’re aware, but we wanted to remind you that there is a requirement under the law, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA), that anyone who sells a consumer product in Canada must follow the Act and the Regulations set forth within the Act.
The onus is on the retailer/importer or manufacturer to ensure that they’re products comply with the Regulation prior to selling it in Canada: http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-1.68/

What to Bring (check list)

Vendors: What to Bring (check list)

Product/Packing Related:
• all merchandise clearly priced (best done, before the show)
• Any product information signs necessary (no handwritten signs)
• Boxes for purchases
• Customer bags
• Extra price tags
• Inventory list/prices
• Tissue or newspaper for fragile items

• Booth signs or banner
• Business cards and holder
• Brochures, Catalogues or flyers
• Portfolio (or photo album of your work)

Office Supply Kit:
• Clipboard, writing pad or notebook
• Paper clips
• Paper or index cards
• Pens and pencils
• Scissors, string
• Stapler and staples
• Tape – scotch, masking, duct, packing

Sales Related:
• Calculator
• Cash box with change (ie. $5’s, $2’s, $1’s, 25¢ ect.)
• Receipt book/sales book

• Copy of application (booth number, floor plan ect), record of chq number ect.
• Any notes about the show
• Guest book- to develop a mailing list
• Extension Cord (if you purchased electricity)
• Table Skirt or Table Cloth (clean and reaches the floor)
• Change of clothes (or layers a sweater if its cooler)
• Camera (to take a photo of your booth for future shows)
• Cushion for chair

• Lunch (optional)
• Water or drinks
• Snacks